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Slip / Layer Sheet

Slip / Layer Sheet:

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Between Layers:

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Top Cover:

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Product Details

Please include product name, type (carton, bag, etc.) size, weight, rate, pattern, # of layers, etc.
If available, please attach product matrix spreadsheet and layer pattern drawing

Combined units/minute?

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Future Rate:

How many product types can be produced at the same time?

Does each robot and or system have to palletize all products?

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Product Infeeds

How many infeed lanes?

(a) Are infeeds dedicated to one product?

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(b) Will products be random on infeed?

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(c) Is bar code reading required?

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(d) Is a weigh scale required?

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Does product have to be diverted from one lane to another?

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Where does accumulation occur (currently) in conveying system?
Prior to divert :

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Prior to product pick up:

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What is the maximum number of products to be accumulated?
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How do cases arrive?:

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Is product labeling or printing required?

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Is pallet labeling required?

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Any special plant requirements?


How many shifts per day?

How many hours per shift?

How many days per week?

What is the installation date?
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What is the production start date?
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Pallet Conveyors

Will conveyors be in a CLEAN environment?

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Is the product hazardous?

 Inflammable Corrosive

Are any areas Wash Down?

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Any special handling requirements?

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Equipment Paint Finish

Do you require a special color?

If so, please provide paint specification:

Do you require special paint type or treatment?

If so, please provide paint treatment specification:


Do you have an electrical Standards Document?

Do you have a Mechanical Standards Document?

Do you have an Equipment Supplier preferences?

If yes to any of above, please provide details or attach documents:


Any special site requirements?

Any space limitations?

What is the ceiling height?

Is site floor clear of obstacles?

Is 480v 30 amp available?

If not, what is available?

Is a plant/site CAD drawing available?

If possible, please include a plant/site layout drawing so system can be designed to suit:

Any special instructions not listed above:


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