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ICON Robotics can design and build a Case Packing or Case Erecting machine to suit your application. Depending on the task, we can also explore using a robotics for the application which combines high-speed case packing with and the durability and flexibility of a robot.

Automatic Case Erector

The most cost effective and versatile RSC Case Erector available. Designed and built to overcome the traditional issues commonly faced by these machines, namely, cases of variable quality, and cases with a high content of recycled material.

  • Tolerant to low quality cases
    Patented case opening system
    Tape or Hot melt closure
    Quick , easy size change, no tools and simple for the operator
    Very simple operation, built to high engineering standards
    Up to 20 Cases per minute

Automatic Case Packer

Many production lines fall into the gap between simple hand packing operations and full automatic case packing. Our Pack Assist machines are ideal in these situations and cost far less than a fully automatic system while significantly increasing production line efficiencies.

Product is transferred from the filling/cartoning lines onto the infeed conveyors of the Pack Assist unit. Product is collated and stacked automatically into the correct case format and loaded into an RSC case which is erected by the operator. Once loaded, the case is easily transported directly to a top and bottom tape sealing machine.

ICON Products

  • Our in-house designed and manufactured Robotic Rail System is ideal for tending to numerous production lines, utilizing one robot to palletize a variety of unique SKUs on to dedicated pallets.