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Our stretch wrapping technologies and equipment is the result of over forty years of experience in the industry. Our equipment is fully designed and manufactured “in house”. This ability allows us to closely monitor quality, performance and costs. We have a complete line of stretch wrappers from simple stand-alone units all the way up to fully automatic wrapping systems. In addition, custom designs and product innovations are commonplace.

Stretch Wrapper Product Line:

Wrapper Turntable

These simple to use units are available in standard and low profile models. Foot pedal control is utilized to operate the rotating table. A friction brake stretch film unit is supplied for manual dispensing.

Semi-Automatic Wrapper

This cost effective solution for pallet wrapping utilizes a robust turntable, simple controls and large fork lift pockets for easy relocation. The fast loading EasyLoad stretch film carriage system is standard on all ICON Stretch Wrappers.

Low Profile Semi-Automatic

The Low Profile line of stretch wrappers incorporates added features for enhanced control of the the wrap characteristics while adding the convenience of a low profile table.

Twin Semi-Automatic

Available in standard and low profile, the twin systems optimize efficiency utilizing a shared wrapper tower and film carriage with two independently controlled turntables.

Automatic Wrapping System

Our line of fully automatic stretch wrappers work in perfect harmony with a Robotics Palletizing System. Unlimited wrap heights, patterns, styles are executed seamlessly and automatically. Numerous sizes and configurations are available including an optional top sheet dispenser for total film protection.

Orbital Stretch Wrapper

ICON Robotics high-speed Orbital Stretch Wrapper is capable of wrapping up to 80 pallets per hour. The orbital head travels around the stack allowing the pallet to remain stationary – ideal for unstable products.

ICON Robotics EasyLoad Carriage System

Powered Drive Rollers – Controlled Film Stretch – Very Easy to Load – Available to suit a variety of roll sizes – *Including Full Wrap
Low Maintenance Design

ICON Products

  • The Compact Palletizing Cell (CPC) was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers looking to palletize products right at the end of the production line. The small footprint allows these systems to be used in confined spaces where conventional palletizing systems won’t fit.