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ICON Robotics is your source for complete turnkey system solutions with in-house capabilities including, but not limited to: design, engineering, manufacturing, electrical, programming, prototyping, factory testing, commissioning, and maintenance services.

ICON is unique in today’s marketplace, since we manufacture the majority of the components that comprise one of our systems. This capability provides us with a distinct advantage since equipment design, quality, and performance can be custom tailored to suit a specific application. In addition, new concepts and product innovations are commonplace due to the close relationship between the customer, system design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Over our long history, we have supplied hundreds of systems servicing all types of applications and industries. The majority of these systems can be categorized by one the following: Palletizing, Packaging, Conveying, or Handling.

Please click on the system category link for further information, or contact us directly to discuss your application.

ICON Systems

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  • The Double Bag Robotic Gripper utilizes the same proven bag handling technology we have developed over years of industry experience. The ability to pick-up two bags and then place them simultaneously or independently, significantly increase bag palletizing throughput.