We have designed, manufactured and installed hundreds of palletizing systems. Systems include everything from small compact, one-robot cells, up to large warehouse automation systems comprised of numerous robots and miles of product and pallet conveyors.

Our systems our made up of components that are designed and manufactured in-house. This allows us the ability to easily create system layouts based on standard and custom designs. We can quickly design a system concept layout by utilizing our vast industry, application, and automation knowledge.

Please click on the Request for Quote (RFQ) button and supply us with some information about your application. We will quickly review your details create a layout drawing for your review.


ICON Systems

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  • Our system components are designed, engineered and manufactured to be utilized in a turnkey solution. Since we are the manufacture of all the key components, we eliminate redundancies in controls and equipment. Operation, programming, installation, maintenance, and diagnostics is simplified.