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The gripper, sometimes simple in function, is often the key to a successful palletizing application. While the task it performs may appear easy, designing a gripper that will repeatability handle thousands of products, day after day, with little to no maintenance can only be achieved through years of application and industry experience. We have been designing and manufacturing innovative gripper designs since the late 90s.

Robot Grippers

Bag Gripper
Bag Gripper

Our bag gripper, working in harmony with an ICON pick-up station, is the benchmark in the industry. With our accurate bag placement system and robust design, precise pallet stacks are created pallet after pallet. Even with changing product densities, bag sizes and product patterns quality stacks can be achieved at the touch of a button.

Paddle Grippers
Paddle Gripper

Used for picking up cartons, crates, cement block, bundles, shrink wrapped trays, etc. Multiple products can be handled simultaneously and independently. Various paddle quantities and designs can be utilized to suit the application

vacuum grippers
Vacuum Gripper

Mostly used for cartons and ideal for handling large variations in product sizes. Banks of vacuum cups can be independently controlled allowing for precise handling and placing of products. Layer sheets, pallets, as well as other items can all be handled with the same unit. An ICON rotary coupling is incorporated with every unit drastically reducing hose fatigue.

combo grippers
Combo Gripper

Combination robot grippers are ideal for handling a variety of different style products without any reprogramming or change-over. Some of these combinations may include: cartons & pails, cartons & bags, bags & drums, or numerous other products. Combination grippers can also be used palletize a particular product while also handling: pallets, slip-sheets, layer boards, totes, etc.

custom grippers
Custom Designs

Often we are faced with unique and/or difficult to handle products. Since we are an engineering and manufacturing company, new designs and product innovations are commonplace. Even our standard designs are constantly evolving as we develop new and more efficient methods in gripper technology.

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  • Our Pallet Inverters allow you to easily transfer a pallet load to or from a pallet. Can also be used to transfer between pallet types.