JMP Systems

Our Pallet Inverters allow you to easily transfer a pallet load to or from a pallet. Can also be used to transfer between pallet types.

Lift Tables-Vacuum Assists

Not every application can justify automation. In these situations, ergonomics and safety are often critical due to lifting, reach and repetitive motion. Our line of lift tables and vacuum assist units can turn strenuous tasks into simple and efficient operations.

Lift Tables – Our lift tables are available in all types, load ratings and sizes.

Vacuum Assist – We distribute Vaculex Lifting Products. Manufactured in Sweden, Vaculex develops and manufactures ergonomic lifting aids for loads up to 200 kg. Customer sectors include automotive, electronics, foods, chemical, pharmaceutical, global express, warehousing and logistics among others. Virtually anything can be lifted with the right gripping tool or suction attachment.

An electric vacuum blower or ejector pump creates the desired vacuum level. When a suction attachment is placed on an object, e.g. a cardboard box, the result is a reduction in pressured. This difference in pressure causes the vertical air tube to contract which lifts the object.

Custom systems, grippers and tooling can be designed to enable the handling of even the most cumbersome products.